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Colour/ Size

Luxurious comfort for your horse with broad bearing area that achieves a large footprint on your horse’s back.  The wide and even chamber through the length of saddle enables generous clearance of your horse’s spine.


An open seat, with a square cantle for a comfortable position while jumping. A narrow waist provides closer contact, so you sit into the saddle rather than on the saddle.


The Ergonomic stirrup bar enables the roller of the tongue on the buckle to be recessed into the bar and sit flush, which significantly reduces the bulk under your leg, by at least one thickness of leather.


The Point and Balance strap girthing system achieves greater strength and durability and improves the distribution of pull from the front and back of the saddle to increase comfort and saddle




Bates All Purpose SC
Colours Classic Black, Classic Brown
Sizes 42cm, 43cm, 44cm, 46cm [16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"]
Weight 6.2kg (13.7lbs)